I thank my God in all my remembrance of you

Philippians 1:3

We want to thank you all for coming along with us and being part of His mission here in Georgia, Christ Church is so beautiful.

Here are some updates, information, and ways you can pray for us.


Hit Georgia hard as well with strict restrictions and laws. From 9 pm-5 am there is a curfew and anyone who breaks it is fined with $650. All public transportation is closed and not available (only a few own a vehicle in Zugdidi). Everything is on lockdown all stores are closed only pharmacies, grocery stores and the gas station remains open until 8 pm.

Masks must be worn all the time, even if your walking alone outside, without it, you get fined.

All schools are closed and very few provide distance learning. Hospitals are overfilled, and people are dying because they are not getting the care they need. Medication is so expensive and most can’t afford to take care of themselves.

 All huge gatherings are not allowed and will be fined $3060.

All Georgian borders are closed. Crimes are a lot higher now. With Georgia having an awfully bad and low economy before COVID-19 now it is just drowning. Most of the Georgian economy comes and depends on Tourism. Many struggles to get bread, so many families are cold because they cannot afford to buy wood to keep their homes warm.

A lot of church members and some elders got sick in Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia 6hrs from us) the church has been closed since. Please pray for a speedy recovery and full restoration.

Our Church in Zugdidi

We have 9 more people that attend every Sunday (not counting some kids that come and go), we still meet and follow regulations that were given to churches. Please pray that God keeps us safe because we do not have an option to meet online, zoom, etc. Some of those who attend considering getting baptized in Spring. Currently, we have Foundation of Faith training, we meet with different people (8 of them) throughout the week. During our church service, we are studying verse by verse in the Gospel of John. Throughout the week they all follow a reading bible plan. We try to gather for fellowship as much as possible. Every Wednesday we gather with the 

Mikava family and pray for every soul that comes. We are praying for a church building and believe this will give us more opportunities for gospel and ministries. We found some land that we are praying to purchase and build a church. Please pray that God opens doors and provides all that is needed.


As we mentioned several times before that Georgia is under Orthodox Church and everything else is considered a cult. They fear everything and everyone that is not part of Orthodox, not only fear but really against it. Our biggest ministry right now is to love on people, serve where we can, build relationships, sow Gods truth, and shape public opinion by introducing bible-based faith. Because of Covid-19 some outreaches and big gatherings are on pause, but we do have the opportunity to meet more one on one. We still gather with ladies in little groups to connect, share, and pray for. Every Saturday morning, we meet with a group of 7 kids not counting mine in our English club where we learn English, play games and have fun. We are praying this turns into Awana Club one day.

Help Aid

Since Covid-19 we have been active in helping and providing food aid for families in great need. We also had a Clothes Closet for those who have no clothes (clothes aid came from Germany). Helping provide wood for families we know that are in need. Demna and David been helping in a lot of different areas, rebuilding home that was burned to the ground, digging well, building walls, fences, yard work and wherever they could help for the sake of relationship and Gospel.

Projects and Outreaches

From December to February we are planning several ministries and projects:

  • Gather small groups of ladies for Christmas outreach and Nativity story (we can gather 10 or less at a time, that is why we are planning several).
  • Have several small Christmas day camps for children and share the story of Jesus’ birth and give little Christmas gifts.
  • Have a Christmas dinner celebration with our church fellowship group.
  • We will provide large food packages for 70 families in great need (Rockland Baptist Church in Sacramento is sponsoring this project).
  • Planning to make 50 gifts with some essentials, goodies, gospel tracks, and bibles to those that we already know and have some relationship.
  • Provide some help with medications, medical and dental help for some in desperate need.
  • Continue to help rebuild a home that was burned to the ground with a blind father inside. Right now, there are only brick walls and roof, no doors, or windows.
  • Planning to provide water for a single mom of two who attends our church fellowship group. She lives in an old home that has an outside restroom (more like a hole in the ground), they have no access to water in the house, this would be a huge blessing to them.

We are so grateful for the Church, the body of Christ! We are so desperately dependent on Christ and each other. Some go, some give, some encourage, some pray, and All in need of His Grace. We need each other to spread and build His kingdom. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, blessings, and financial support.

Thank you,

Much love Donchenko Family