“You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent.” Isaiah 62:6

This project focuses on the ministry of evangelism in a populous region of the Bay Area in Northern California, and particularly in its largest cities, San Jose and San Francisco. Today, there are about 150,000 people from the former USSR living in these two cities, and most of them do not know the Gospel. Until recently, there was not a single Slavic church in the area.

The ministry is led by pastor Vasiliy Khripunov who is a missionary with Connect International. He came to know Christ 35 years ago, left behind a successful sports career, and dedicated himself to missionary work. Vasiliy has preached the Gospel in Central Asia, Russia, and Ukraine and is currently passionate about reaching unbelievers in the Bay Area with the Good News.

Every Saturday Vasiliy, along with a group of evangelists, leads a Bible study in the suburbs of San Jose, shares the Gospel and passes out New Testaments by Slavic stores and on city streets, talks to people in the parks, visits homes for the elderly, and organizes evangelistic events.

Every Sunday Vasiliy and a group of evangelists sing Russian, Ukrainian, and Hebrew songs, meet with new people, initiate conversations about the meaning of life, and study the Word of God with those who are interested.