The wide-ranging invasion of Russian troops to Ukraine has resulted in massive devastation and human suffering with no end in sight. As more people are forced to either shelter in place or flee their homes the need for food, water, clothing, transportation, safe housing, medicines and basic necessities of daily life are growing.

In this time of panic and instability, Ukrainian churches have become 24/7 crisis centers- offering physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual assistance to those in need. As the number of Ukrainians attempting to leave the country and those displaced internally is growing, churches are looking and praying for the financial means to meet the overwhelming needs of refugees.

Consider being an answer to their prayers by making a donation to the Ukraine Emergency Aid fund. No donation is too small when it is done with love for the cause of helping another. Thank you for caring and making a difference. Together we can lift up the vulnerable and oppressed and rise above the evil and injustice of war.