Donate to One Hundred Happy Kids

Placing orphans with families who will love them, provide for them, and give them a future they wouldn’t have had.


This is a ministry project of Revival Church in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nickolay Ponomarev is the project founder and director.

Why we started this project:


Today in Ukraine there are 104,000 orphans and kids deprived of parental care.

Our main goal:

To help one hundred kids become part of a new family where they will be loved, cared for, respected, appreciated, and brought to God.

How we can reach this goal:

Provide multifaceted support to Christian families who decide to adopt and/or become foster parents for children ranging from 3-16 years of age.

Four key stages for implementation of the project:

  1. Find parents
  2. Help find children
  3. Provide a living space
  4. Development

Presentation of the One Hundred Happy Kids Project
Donate to One Hundred Happy Kids

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