“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:17

The Compass Church was founded as a rehabilitation and recovery center for all people who need it. The Compass is a place where wives and orphans of husbands and fathers who died in the war receive support, assistance, and rehabilitation; it is a place of guidance and recovery, where, despite the pain of loss, you get hope.

In 2014, war came to our country and settled here for a long period. We would wipe away tears and accept grief at that difficult time when support and guidance pointing the way home were needed.

Our goal is to help those who have lost a piece of their heart, soul, and life due to war. Women and children were left without support, often in depression, disappointed, without hope for the future, and many in financial need.

But everyone’s basic need is Jesus. We want to help these people, show them Christ through love, support, and care; to bring the gospel so that their hearts regain peace and hope, and they see the future in a new day.

Our guidelines are also aimed at helping and supporting children with special needs. We are working hard to make them feel valued, as society often does not accept such children and people. They live in isolation and fear, and feel inferior. They suffer not only from depression, but also from physical pain, depending on their disease.

Parents of such children are often alone in their feelings and needs. Many single mothers are constantly forced to stay at home because they have no one to help them with a child who needs care 24/7.

The Compass holds many events for such families, integrates them, and provides premises to work with people. Our volunteers annually participate in camps for such children, conduct lessons, and help in rehabilitation. And also, most importantly, they preach the good news of Jesus! Because not only children, but also their parents, need healing, love, and support.

Please support us in prayer.

Also, each of you can support us by becoming a partner in this ministry and help change the lives of widows, orphans, and children with special needs.

We need your prayer and financial support:

The purchase of a former boiler house building with an area of ​​404 meters, which belongs to the City Council and costs $70,000. At the moment, there is already a positive decision of the City Council, and the purchase and sale will take place in January. The transaction can take place on any day, the delay is only in the absence of the amount on our part. After that, there will be another month from the date of the transaction to pay the entire amount. Penalties begin over a month.

We will be grateful for your support, prayers, and financial blessings.

With love in Christ,

The Compass Church