“SunScool 4 Kids” is a project to reach out for kids & teens of all ages using SunScool app for iOS & Android devices (SunScool.org). With over 200 stories, it helps kids learn about God by watching animated Bible stories & playing various text games/puzzles –  it’s like a Sunday School on their device!

Each lesson has 4 age-appropriate levels. Kids earn diamonds as they play, which can be used to download songs & audio stories.

SunScool supports English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Norwegian, Romanian, Croatian and Chinese (not all of the lessons are available on all languages yet), but we hope to add more languages as part of the “SunScool 4 Kids” project.

Most of the text content comes from the  BibleTime courses developed by BES (http://besweb.org).

Help children in your family, Sunday School or among your friends to get closer to God – advise them to install the SunScool app.