… I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. Matthew 16:18

Milan is the largest city in the North of Italy. Its industrial potential attracts a large number of Russian-speaking people in search of work. Most of them are immigrants from different republics of the former USSR, who according to some sources number up to 2 million people throughout Italy. Sometimes in their search they lose hope, faith, and communication with their relatives and families. It is on such people, first of all, that this ministry in Milan is focused.

In January 2016, Mikhail Medianik, along with his family, began a pastoral ministry in the Russian-language Word of Life church in Milan. Prior to that, he was a missionary in Russia and participated in various short-term missionary trips, including in Italy.

At that time, God clearly gave us the understanding of His will and arranged our hearts to serve Him through the opening of a church in Milan. We thank all those who are willing to participate in our ministry. May the Lord bless and reward everybody with His grace, for His glory!

Mikhail Medianik
Milan, Italy