We impact society through the Word that gives hope and changes life!

An international public organization, Hope to People was established in Rivne in 1993 by a group of young Christians committed to God, with the purpose of advancing the Gospel in Ukraine and among other people groups. From the very start, the team focused on proclaiming the Gospel in areas of the former Soviet Union and planting new churches. The missionary work has been implemented in Ukraine as well as in some regions of Russia – Primorskiy Kray, Republic of Tyva, Republic of Kalmykia, Armenia, and central Asia. At the present time, the Lord has provided an opportunity to work in several European countries (Poland and Italy) as well as in India, Eastern Asia, and in some closed countries.

Biblical Training

A Bible college, Word of Grace, was established in 2000, and its primary purpose is to equip missionaries, pastors, and other church leaders for specific ministries in the worldwide Church. There is also a School of Bible Preaching, which opened its doors in 2011, and continues its work to this day.

Christian Ethics in Public Schools

In the year 2000 a new subject, “The Fundamentals of Christian Ethics,” was introduced into the public schools, and Hope to People has played a vital role in the entire process. The Department of Education develops training materials for schools, hosts educational seminars, camps, and conferences for teachers in Ukraine. Since 2007, Hope to People has published an educational magazine called “Word to the Teacher” in order to provide necessary tools for the teachers of Christian Ethics.

Ministry to Orphans

Almost from its very beginning, Hope to People has been deeply involved in the social ministry of charity and mercy. The mission provides humanitarian assistance to orphanages, schools, and low-income people, and works with orphans and meets their needs.

Often, after graduating from orphanages, socially disadvantaged children have a hard time coming to grips with postsecondary education, and then have difficulties getting a job. In response to this need, God has stirred deep feelings of sympathy in one family, who are staff members of Hope to People, to take these children into their own family to introduce them to Christ and help them become socially adapted.

Gospel Outreach Camps

Through the years, Hope to People has organized various Christian camps for kids, teens and adults, orphans, and boarding school students. Likewise, we often hold sports camps, family camps, camps for teachers, and other camps which all aim to share the Gospel, conduct Bible studies, and bring about the spiritual growth of the participants.

Sports Outreach

In 2003, Hope to People started a Christian soccer club for children and youth called Nadia. This ministry is focused on spreading the Good News among kids who are eager to play soccer. Currently, there are 15 soccer players who have turned to Christ, many of whom have become sports ministers who continue to extend the grace of God to children and youth while playing soccer with them.

Ministry of Mercy

Since 2014, Hope to People has been assisting the refugees who were forced to leave the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Hope to People helps by distributing humanitarian goods, medicine, food, and evangelical literature. In 2017, we also started a ministry to widows.

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