So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Romans 10:17

Greetings Dear Friends,

As we write this letter we realize how much we have missed fellowship and worshipping our Lord and Savior with you all, our hearts are also overflowing knowing we are not alone and the body of believers are supporting and praying for us.

Our summer was very busy with several day camps all over the region.  We hosted a youth camp that was almost a week long.  We only expected 35 but then we had 60 teens show up (talk about stretching our faith).  Next, we had a church camp for those who visit our Sunday  fellowship gathering.  Pastor Demna and guest speakers shared about the gospel, knowing it for ourselves as well as sharing the gospel. After our church camp gathering, we had a women plus children outreach camp.  This lasted almost a week as well, it was like having two camps in one. We had 35 kids and about 30 women. This was a huge outreach and because they were with us for 5 days, we had the opportunity to share Christ with them, answer questions, and love on them. We see a huge difference from the first women’s camp outreach and this one. They were more open to hearing God’s word, had sincere questions and were hungry for the truth.

After all of our summer and September outreaches were over, our family, along with my sister who came to help with the Women’s camp, were able to go and visit our homeland of Uzbekistan for 4 days.  That was such a blessing to go back to a country that we haven’t visited for 33 years. It was a sweet time visiting with my sister as well.

In the beginning of October we resumed all of our ministries that we had taken a break from over the summer.  Our Saturday Children kids club has 20-30 kids show up every Saturday.

Our women’s ministry started as well where we gather to pray and study God’s Word.

Our construction project continues and even though we still have a ways to go, we are moving slowly but steadily. We had several groups of men that came in October from Maikop. They stayed at our house for 11 days and helped us with the church building and our apartment.  The apartment is almost complete and will be ready in November. The Apartment was purchased a little over a year ago in a nearby village which is 30 min from us.  This is where we have had the biggest day camps of up to 80 kids, youth and parents that gather. We have been praying to start a Bible study group and weekly youth and kids club in that village. So, we also pray that this apartment project will give us more opportunities for people to come and hear the gospel and produce the fruit of salvation.

In the beginning of October a family that joined us in planting a church and all the ministries here moved back to Russia.  They committed to serve in Georgia for 2 years. The time flew by quickly and they had to return to take care of their widowed mother.

And another family will be returning to Russia that was here for a year.  We are praying God sends more workers  who can commit themselves for several years. The harvest is huge but as of right now there are only a handful of us. Please pray as we continue to work with those who come on Sundays. We pray and stay connected throughout a week with those who gather for Sunday fellowship. Currently, the economy is suffering, paid jobs are hard to find, and everything is so expensive because of war as a lot were transported here from Ukraine and Russia. As a result,  It is difficult for people to even have essentials.  So we’ve been helping with everyday needs as well as pointing to the ultimate problem and solution. Winter is approaching and we will be providing and getting wood for widows, handicap and those in need who have been faithfully coming.

Our Children are doing well and growing in their musical skills, taking vocals, piano and panduri lessons. We also continue to homeschool using Bob Jones.

Our time is mostly filled with visiting families, having coffee dates, inviting people over, gathering for prayer meetings and Bible study on Thursdays, Kids clubs on Saturday, driving to a different city (2.5 hours from us) every other Saturday where over 20 gather at home.  Some desire to get baptized this year.  We are praying that God sends them a Pastor or a missionary who can devote himself to them.

We also are visiting funerals which is a big part of their culture, and just trying to become friends with those who surround us for the sake of Gospel.

Please continue to pray that we hear God’s voice more clearly and be moved by His spirit to do what He desires for us to do. We don’t want to be just busy bodies.

Pray for Pastor Demna for wisdom, strength in all areas. He has a lot on his shoulders -working to provide for his family, involved in every ministry, and constantly meeting people to build relationships. His plate is very full.

Pray for revival and that those who come and already received Christ that they would grow in Him and put aside those traditions and culture the interference with God’s word.

Pray for our children’s clubs and upcoming bible studies in Sovxoz.

Pray that all those seeds and ministries that we had during summer would produce fruit.

Pray that our group of 6 who are here to help plant the church we would grow in unity and grace. We see and feel a lot of attacks from the enemy in all areas of life.

Pray for our church construction project. It’s hard to find professionals who actually know what they are doing. Pray also that men from Maikop would continue to support and help us in this project.

Pray that we would raise enough funds to complete what the Lord started.

Thank you all, in Christ

Patiently and eagerly waiting for his return.

Donchenko Family